02/1990 - A petition letter and stability study was sent to USCG Marine Inspection Safety Office in Honolulu to support their Investigation in capsizing and consider the reports recommendations. 06/1990 - The USCG completes Investigation and includes stability study with recommendations that it should apply to all vessels and makes recommendation to USCG headquarters for response 06/1991 - In summary, the USCG Commandant recommended that the towing criteria in 46 CFR 173.095 would apply to any parasail vessel applying for Coast Guard certification.
A STUNNING Parasail 40 year HISTORY Timeline About Us  1991 - Walt Disney World Contracts McCulloh to Evaluate Parasailing on Bay Lake
In 1991, Wayne Mitchell, the senior executive safety director for Walt Disney World resorts, contacted Mark McCulloh to evaluate Walt Disney Worlds interest in expanding watersports on Bay Lake; more particularity parasailing using a the Gondola equipped Winchboat in a designated area on Bay Lake (see map). Disney wanted McCulloh to assist them with implementing a parasailing program and overcoming the committees concerns that a large boat would interfere with their 2 passenger sport boat traffic. McCulloh provided Mitchell and key Disney executives with an evaluation study as well as provided a Winchboat for demonstration purposes on Bay Lake. Mr. Wayne Mitchell wrote the training and safety manuals for Walt Disney, NAUI (National Association of Underwater Scuba Instructors) and a "Defensive Boating Course" for law enforcement officers on the waterways. He was on the Board of Directors for NAUI and listed as one of the top 99 scuba instructors in the United States. He also received the National Safety Council's "Distinguished Service to Safety Award." He received national awards from The National Safe Boating Council, U.S. Coast Guard, the and NAUI.
About Us  1991 - Walt Disney World Contracts McCulloh to Evaluate Parasailing on Bay Lake
In 1992, Mark McCulloh Applies for Patent on his new Rotating Line Guide
About Us  1993 - Mark McCulloh Converts a Nordic Ascender with Skyrider Gondola
In 1993, Mark McCulloh re-tooled the popular Nordic Ascender Winchboat to accommodate the gondola passenger support systems. The first prototype was tested on Bay Lake at Walt Disney World by invitation of Disney executives and safety support team leaders who participated in demonstration rides.
About Us  1994 - Matt Traber launches the first Ocean Pro 31 - Winchboat
In 1994, In early 1994, Mark Traber re-designed the Ocean Pro 31’ from its predecessor. The original 30’ hull design named “RYBO RUNNER” was built back in the 80’s by the legendary Rybovich & Sons yacht builders. Traber partnered with Rob and Pam Guarini along with Mark Larson to form Commercial Water Sports which has become the largest commercial parasail boat manufacturing company in the world.
About Us  1994 - Mark McCulloh Builds Self Contained Conversion Kit
In 1994, Mark McCulloh was the first to design and produce self-contained Winchboat conversion kits that including all of the operational components that could be retrofitted any vessel and transform it into a parasail winchboat.
About Us  1994 - McCulloh develops a Light Weight Composite Skyrider Gondola
In 1994, Mark McCulloh develops a fiberglass composite Skyrider Gondola that was lighter than the metal version with increased buoyancy. It also was equipped with a waterproof storage compartment which was possible to incorporate a surround sound system and lighting for night parasailing. The new Skyrider Gondola made its debut commercially at Walt Disney World
Night Parasail at Walt Disney World
Night Parasail at Walt Disney World
About Us  1990 - McCulloh petitioned the US Coast Guard to Apply Stability Rules
In 1990, After several Winchboats capsized in Hawaii. Mark McCulloh funded an exhaustive study by the world renowned marine architecture firm of James S. Krogen Co. - Naval Architects & Marine Engineers; to evaluate the stability of parasail vessels. The petition letter requested the USCG require that all parasail winchboats meet with 46 CFR 173.095. One of the benefits of this rule would address towline strength as it relates to the vessels ability to remain upright when towing. There were three steps to this process in order for the USCG Commandant to officially accept recommendations.
About Us  1994 Walt Disney World Signs Contract with McCulloh for Parasail Concession
In 1994, After a successfully demonstrating to Disneys executive team including Al Weiss (President), Frank Ioppolo (General Counsel) and other Senior Officials. McCulloh entered into a four (4) year participant agreement with Walt Disney World to operate the worlds first commercial parasail concession on property located at the Contemporary resorts. After his contract expired in 1998, McCulloh was offered a ten year renewal, but would have to provide additional water sports services, water skiing etc... McCulloh respectfully declined their offer.
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