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Impassioned by the sport of (para-sailing) at an early age, Mark McCulloh of Key Biscayne, Florida, became an accomplished parasail inventor, motivational speaker and entrepreneur.  Mark is internationally recognized as the original inventor of modern day parasailing equipment beginning with the worlds first offshore parasail platform which he replaced with the Winchboat [ where the launch and recovery of passengers takes place from a vessel, and parasailing as we know it today as further defined by US Patent Office and the National Transportation Safety Board].   McCulloh’s Winchboat revolutionized the sport and ensured that commercial parasailing was a viable business worldwide. McCulloh’s experience spans four decades of parasail equipment designs, innovation, and training techniques with a focus  on improving the safety of parasailing and holds the distinction as being the most recognized parasail industry expert in the world, having testified before both state and federal courts and in every major accidental death and serious injury cases worldwide..
We take you on a visually stunning event-based parasail history tour highlighted with stunning photos, videos, and text statements geared for a curious.  Learn more about parasail inventions and innovations from the development of the parasail canopy, to the evolution of modern day equipment and what they symbolize today.   
The Parasail Safety Council (PSC) is an nonprofit on-line publication that was established in 1998 by Mark McCulloh providing the general public and government entities reliable information about parasailing including safety issues, risk awareness and standards with a focus on education, certification and regulation.  To date, over 48 million visitors have been educated by the Parasail Safety Council’s website with more than 3 - 5 million people each year enjoy the sport of parasailing many of them for the first time.   The Parasail Safety Council’s does not engage in commercial commerce of any kind nor does it accept donations or gifts. All of the online content is presented as a public service and is considered a credible source of information.  
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“One of our core values is ‘risk transparency’ , encouraging an open and honest dialogue about parasailing risks and effective risk management in an unbiased format based on historical data”    Mark McCulloh