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Mark McCulloh pioneered modern day equipment developing cutting edge products for the commercial market and setting the industry standards worldwide. His journey began in the early 70's with the introduction of the first parasail launch and retrieval platforms which evolved into the invention of the legendary Parasail Winchboat that revolutionized parasailing and ensured the breakthrough and expansion of the commercial parasailing marketplace worldwide. After fulfilling one of his lifetime goals by introducing and operating the first parasail concession at Walt Disney World from 1994 until 1998. Mark decided to launch an online publication entitled “The Parasail Safety Council” which made its debut in 1998 providing the general public information about parasailing. McCulloh’s experience spans over four decades in parasail equipment designs, innovation, and training techniques with a focus on improving parasail safety and holds the distinction of being the only certified parasail industry expert witness in both state and federal courts representing every major accidental death and serious injury case from 1977 to date
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Mark McCulloh - Curriculum Vitae
Mark McCulloh - Curriculum Vitae
Personal Married 33 years - three children Professional Title Inventor Parasail Industry Expert / Safety Consultant Federal Court Qualified Parasail Expert Education Emery Riddle Aeronautical University Fluid Power Systems Expert Qualifications and List of Publications I pioneered modern day commercial parasailing by developing the parasail launch/retrieval delivery and rider transport systems used throughout the commercial parasailing industry from the early 1970’s until today. These systems have been accepted and recognized as the industry standards for commercial operations throughout the world. I hold the majority of every single and multiple parasail system patents granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for commercial parasailing, including the: 1. Parasail launching and retrieving apparatus, 2. Parasailing assembly and system and launching the same, 3. Para-sail rope guide system 4. Aerial recliner for parasailing 5. Rider support assembly for parasailing and 6. Strap assembly for parasailing. My patent relating to the strap support assembly for parasailing was used by NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center in 1995 for its X-38 prototype Crew Return Vehicle. I also have extensive experience, beginning in 1971 and spanning nearly three decades, in the design, development and operation of parasailing equipment and operations. I developed the first stationary parasail launching and retrieval platform in 1971, the first motorized parasail launching and retrieval platform in 1972, In 1976 I was the first to design and manufacture and commercially operate the first self-contained winch boat that included a parasailor tow bar and harness assembly that is commonly referred to as a “ tow bar” In 1976, I was the first to commercially operate a parasail winch boat using a tow bar and harness support. The crude tow bar design posed some risk and became problematic for commercial operations that required further development. In 1983, in an effort to improve overall parasailor safety, I combined the tow bar and body harnesses together and called it the floating tow bar harness, photo below. This was part of a series of inventions trying to improve the safety of the tow bar/harness design that eventually evolved into the invention of the parasail aerial recliner that incorporated the same attachment point locations to the parasail canopy as the tow bar, but eliminated the need for an independent multiple body harness systems. In 1985, I wrote, established, and published the first Operating Standards and Guidelines for commercial parasailing, modified versions of which is still being used by operators today. In the early 1990’s the tow bar idea become a popular low cost solution versus the aerial recliner with the popularity of the winch boats and is now accepted as a method for multiple passengers. Commercial Rental and Operations Experience, Knowledge and Training I was one of the first parasail operators to be approached by a resort hotel to operate a commercial parasail concession, and continued to do this for several resort hotels including entering into a four-year participant agreement with Walt Disney World in 1994 to operate a commercial parasail concession. In this capacity, I wrote the first parasail operating guidelines and safety standards manual for parasailing in a resort/hotel setting. I also have served as an advisor and consultant for other commercial parasail operators located at other resort hotels in the United States and internationally. I am frequently called by resort hotels, including the Radisson, to inspect parasail operations and their equipment and/or develop parasail operating guidelines and safety standards for their commercial parasail operations. I have also served as an advisor and consultant to other entities, including the United States Air Force and United States Navy in the improvement of their motorized parasail “launch only” platform utilized for their water survival training program. I designed and built the first winch boat for the military to use in this program. I have served as an advisor and consultant to the United States Coast Guard, the National Transportation Safety Board, and the Federal Aviation Administration in their investigations of parasail accidents. In 1998, I founded parasail.org, an online publication that provides the general public, commercial operators, and government entities with information relating to commercial parasailing, including risk awareness, accident statistics, consumer safety tips, and operating standards. Since the mid 1980’s I have been among the first contacted by any local, state, or federal agency whenever a major parasail accident occurs in the United States involving serious injury or death, and since that time, I have been involved in multiple investigations. List of Publications 1985 - Operating Standards and Guidelines for Parasailing 1990 - Parasail Vessel Stability Study 1994 - Parasail Operations Manual Walt Disney World 2011 - Parasail Safety Analysis Report 2011 - Glossary of Terms for Parasailing 2012 - FAA petition letter for rule change 2013 - Rule 26/44 for Commercial Parasailing List of case that I was hired as a Parasail Expert: 1977 - Gloria Hardy v. Pioneer Parachute (settled) 1986 - Freidin-Whene v. Lahania Parasail (settled) 1986 - Steven Medly v. Power Chute (settled) 1987 - Davis v. Ski Run Marina (settled) 1988 - Kumagai vs. Controlled Parasail Honolulu 1990 - Ritchie v. Parasailing Int., Inc (settled) 1990 - Myers v. Beiswenger Ent (Jury Verdict 4.6 Million) 1998 - Nicolas Fillis v. Luquillo Parasail, CWS, Indemnity Property (settled) 1999 - Rebel Watersports - Eddie Ogg (settled) 2000 - Knobloch vs. Parasail City (settled) 2000 - Shaffer v. Parasail City (settled) 2001 - Miller/Hake vs. Siesta Parasail (settled) 2002 - Walker vs. Wedge Corp. (Sheraton Hotels) (Jury verdict for Plaintiff 2.6 Million) 2002 - Straney vs AA Parasail (settled) 2003 - Kim/Bae v. SeaBreeze Parasailing (Accident date Aug 07 1999) (settled) 2005 - Baron & Paulo v. Sea Breeze Parasailing (Accident Aug 20 1999) (settled) 2005 - Dana Fazekas vs. Greg Longnecker et al. (settled) 2007 - Ransier vs. Quick Marine (filed 2002) (settled) 2007 - Wraya vs. Oberg (settled) 2007 - X-Treme Parasail, Inc., et al. Jody L. Martineaue (settled) 2007 - Broward County States Attorney v. death of the Amber May White (settled) 2009 - Woodcock vs. NC Watersports (9Millon Judgement) 2010 - White vs. Skyscreamer Parasail (settled) 2011 - Rodriguez vs. Ocean Motion Watersports (settled) 2011 - Sieradzki vs. Sun and Fun Parasail (settled) 2011 - Kraftcheck vs Carribean Watersports USVI (settled) 2011 - Cobo vs. Hi-Flyer Parasail (settled) 2011 - Silaika vs. Duck Parasail Inc. (settled) 2012 - Miskell vs. Wave Blast Water Sports (settled) 2013 - USA vs. Kyle Coleman (criminal case) (settled) 2013 - Aquatic Adventures Panama City (settled) In 2002, The US Federal District Court in Miami, Florida qualified Mark McCulloh as an expert in the field of Parasailing allowing his testimony in the 2002 case (Walker vs. Wedge Corp. dba Sheraton Hotels). List of Cases that I have worked in cooperation with State and Federal investigators as an unpaid consultant Paul Whipple vs. Adventure Guides Inc (settled) Hendricks vs. Atlantic Parasail Inc (settled) Meir vs. Sunset Parasail (settled) Leslie vs. Just Chute Me Parasailing Co. (settled) Kiernan vs. Capistrano Beach Parasailing (settled) Reddy vs. Miami Parasail co. (name unknown) (settled) Professional Licenses USCG Ocean Operator (expired) Private Pilot (expired) Parasail Operational Experience Land Based Operations -Vehicle, Boat , Static Line Commercial Parasail Operations 1971 – 1998 (80,000+ flights) Product Testing and Evaluation (20,000 + Flights) Fluid Power Experience (hydraulics) Hydraulics and Pneumatics design & operations Parasail Winch Systems and design & operations Parasail Inflation Mast Systems and Designs Custom Hydraulic Circuits Machine Shop Experience Milling, Lathe and CNC Machine operations Metal Fabricator and Assembly Certified MIG & TIG Welder (aluminum & stainless) Boat Building / Fiberglass Experience Fiberglass Mold Designs Commercial Boat Building Custom Mold Tooling Other Trade Experiences Technical Drafting Layout and Design (limited CAD) Graphics Artist Web Site Developer TESTIMONIALS You'd probably like to know what law firms say about my expert witness and consulting services, so here are just a few testimonials that I have received over the years. Panish Shea & Boyle.. www.psblaw.com We were reluctant five years ago to get involved in Parasail litigation. Our law firms success rate is over 99% in plaintiff liability cases with verdicts in the billion dollar range primarily in land and air transportation market sector. Your 40 years of expertize and experience in the field of para-sailing; and as our investigative consultant played a major role in us stepping into this venue with three (3) successful out of court settlements to date. What we have learned in spite of recent efforts to regulate commercial para-sailing against preventable accidents. Increased insurance claim settlements now averaging $3+ million and judgments reaching $9 million (the highest to date) that consistently exceed policy limits an exposing non-operator third parties. Parasail litigation has become a prime target for large firms like ourselves willing to accept these cases and produce higher than average results for plaintiffs. - Deborah Chang, Esq. of Panish Shea & Boyle - Los Angeles Ca. Walker vs. Sheraton Hotels… > It is important to note that the Defense was never able to qualify anyone in the industry as a "parasail expert" to refute your testimony. Also, the jury almost recited your testimony in the verdict. In summary, your testimony was not only helpful in winning this case, but reaffirms your position within the industry - Ralph Lotkin Esq. of Lotkin & Cochrin - Washington DC Woodcock vs. NC Watersports… > It was terrible thing to experience this parasailing tragedy with our clients and then listen to defense lawyers try to pass the blame around. But no matter how bad it got, your wealth of information and experience kept things together in helping us secure a (9 million dollar verdict). Joel Rhine of Lea, Rhine & Rosbrugh, P.L.L.C. - North Carolina Myers vs. Beiswenger Ent… > We were in settlement negotiations for $200,000 before the court compelled your testimony which persuaded the jury to returned a 4.5 million verdict for our clients. Stuart Ratson - Stewart, Tilghman, Fox & Bianchi P.A. - Miami, Florida Swinehart vs. Holloway et. al... > Parasailing negligence in this incident would have been very difficult to prove without a reliable parasail expert. Manuel & Thompson P.A. - Panama City, Florida Fiser vs. Thomas… > As you know, I struggled with my partners to take this case on without your assistance. We are confident that with your support we will reach a fair settlement for our clients. Clifford Higby Esq. of Byrant & Higby - Panama City, Florida Knobloch vs. Parasail City… > Despite the strong evidence (i.e. video tape of the adverse weather conditions and towline snapping) would not have been sufficient to reach our settlement goals without your involvement. David Otto Esq. of Newman & Okum, PC - New York City Shaffer vs. Parasail City… > Your assistance in our case was paramount to our successful settlement. Roger Vaughan Esq. of Wagner, Vaughan & McLaughlin / Shaffer v. Parasail City - Tampa, Florida Raisner vs. Parasail USA… > This case being over ten years old it was hard to decide our next move without your expertise. Fern Flomenhoft / Russo & Keenan - New York City Nicolas Fillis v. Luquillo Parasail… > This case never would have gone anywhere had you not agreed to help us. Even though our client was seriously injured, and ample evidence to prove negligence we did not feel the case would have survived in court and ready to accept the original offer until you agreed to join the team that resulted in a settlement 7 times the original amount for my client. Thank you. Richardo C. Rodrigus Esq. - Puerto Rico
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